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Team Bonding Activity – Minute to Win It

Fall soccer season is underway. There’s a buzz in the air, energy at practices, effort and competition during games and excitement about what the season has in store.

It’s the perfect time to capitalize on some team bonding activities! Don’t let the enthusiasm they have right now dwindle. Keep it strong by providing bonding and social fun away from the field.

Minute to Win It Bonding Photos

Here’s s suggestion for coaches, team managers, social coordinators, stellar moms, etc: Minute to Win It!

You can play indoor or outdoor (for those of you who still have sunny weather), it’s low-cost and extremely fun!

Visit the Minute to Win It site for directions on how to play and to find some cool games (you can also find other gun games by a simple Google search). I recommend splitting into teams if your group is 12 or more. If you split into teams, each person would compete in 1-3 “events” for their group, earning points that contribute to a group total.


  • 16 players
  • 4 teams of 4
  • 8 games
  • Each player then gets to play 2 games

Fun Tip: Describe the games to the players but do not demonstrate how to do them. Then ask your players to decide amongst themselves who is going to compete in each “event”. That way they will have to evaluate their strengths as individuals and as a group and try to place members on their team into an event where they are most likely to succeed.

Scoring: You can score the game however you’d like, either by the fastest completion of an event or simply by completing the event within one minute. I recommend giving everyone one point who completes the game within a minute as it will give everyone confidence even if they didn’t finish first.

So try it out and let us know how it goes! Get the event on the team calendar, assign items to each player to bring, and create a poster board. I promise, it only takes a minute!