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The magic of Christmas

My oldest daughter has woken up every morning for the past month looking for “S” elf.  Yes we have named our elf “S”.  Last year when our elf came to us, my daughter was obsessed with S, because her name begins with S.  So every morning we wake up looking for “S” elf.  My oldest finds it rather quickly and then my younger daughter likes to go point at it through out the day.  They both love to see “S” elf and secretly I do as well.  It makes me feel the magic of Christmas.

When I was a young girl I could remember waking up on Christmas morning with my brother and we would go into our parent’s room to wake them up.  We then would make our way to the living room where presents awaited us.  I always was so surprised and happy that Santa came.  We would open our presents and say, “mom look at what Santa got me.”  I can still remember one of my favorite Christmas presents.  It was my #85 Wesley Walker jersey.  He was my favorite player on the New York Jets.  I can remember putting it on over my pajamas to try it on and I don’t’ think I took it off all morning.  To this day I still have the jersey, it is a bit small for me, but I still have it.

After presents came our stockings.  Yes, we opened the stockings last.  There were always some fun things in the stockings and I remember that I used to open it up slowly because I didn’t want it to end.  I didn’t want the presents and surprises to be over.  So I cherished every minute of Santa’s great delivery and loved seeing his empty milk glass and half eaten cookies we left by the fireplace.   There were so many magical moments about Christmas morning that I loved as a kid, but the one that is most precious to me is being together with my family.

This Christmas we all have a heavy heart for the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT. My heart goes out to the families that lost a loved one.  I send love and prayers to the community of Newtown and hope they find strength from all the prayers and love being sent to them.

Merry Christmas!

Always Believe,

Kristine Lilly