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Youth Soccer – Female Coaches Need to Get MORE Support

Christine Brennan, after the latest U.S. Women’s National Team’s friendly versus Germany, wrote a poignant article published in USA Today touching on why we need many more women in coaching positions. Many times we hear of job openings and most of us clearly want the most qualified person to be hired for these positions. If all things were equal, and women had the same exact opportunities as men in sport, I would say this is a major part of the hiring process.

However, all in sport is unequal and we must continue to advocate for the hiring of women to coach our daughters. When a soccer position for a women’s team opens, athletic directors get applications from male and female coaches, however when a men’s coaching job is available do we get the same number of females applying for that position – clearly not.

The opportunities to coach are quite limited for high level, top quality coaches at all levels because women are typically slated to coach only one gender while their male counterparts can and do coach both males and females.

The time has come for U.S. Soccer to hire the next leader to take this U.S. team that has captivated not only girls but also many boys to never give up and to always give 100% on the field while having fun doing it! Pia Sundhage was a terrific ambassador for the women’s game and quietly elevated the standards of coaching across this country with her knowledge coupled with her personality to connect with players on multiple levels in order to get the most out of their performances.

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