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Create Program – Custom Fields Tab


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Is there information you need specific to your Program that is not covered in the Program template?  If so, you can add this information into the Custom Fields tab.  For example, if you need to know the t-shirt sizes of your attendees, you can make that a required field here.

Click Create New Custom Field

A. Name: This is the name the attendee will see during Registration

B. Type: You can choose multiple display formats for your custom field

  1. Text: used for attendees who just need to submit a short answer
  2. Textarea: used or attendees who need to submit a longer answer, text box field can be expanded
  3. Radio: allows you to provide a menu of choices that attendees can choose from
  4. Yes/No: provides boxes for yes/no only choices
  5. File: ability to upload a file (such as a proof of coaching certification)

C. Visibility: Do you want your text to be visible?

  1. Visible: if you’d like your attendees to answer the custom field
  2. Hidden: if you’d like your custom field to be hidden from registration

D. Description: Enter a brief description here about your custom field that will be presented to the parent during Registration

E. Required: Is this a required field?  Choose Yes or No.