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Program Extreme Makeover – Set Up Adjustments

Program Extreme Makeover – Set Up Adjustments

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To add or Edit an Adjustment, visit your Programs page and Click on Adjustments.

1. To Edit an Adjustment choose Edit under Tools.

2. To Create an Adjustment, click Create Adjustment.
3. Name your Adjustment and enter a description for your Program attendees.  Choose the amount of the discount.

4. User can change amount: Here you can choose if you want to allow the attendee to be able to choose the amount.  For a discount, select No. If you are setting up a donation you might to provide a suggested amount but let the user change it if they’d like.

5. Type of Adjustment: Choose Fee to add a new Fee and Credit for a Discount.

6. Multi-Sibling Active: If you would like this adjustment to be active only after a particular number of siblings have signed up to programs with this adjustment, then set this value here. For example, if you would like a discount when 2 or more siblings register, then set this value to 2.

7. Set the Start Date and time as well as End Date and time for the Adjustment.  For example, you can run a discount for the first couple weeks of Registration and then close the discount when you want Registrants to pay full price.
8. You can also govern whether the Adjustment is Optional or Required.

9.  Click Save Adjustment so that it is added to your Adjustment library for use when creating your programs.