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Create Program – General Tab


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Here you set the basic information for the Program.

A. Enter a Name for your Program
B. Set the Price by typing in a number, no need to include the $ sign.
C. You can enter a description for the Program.
D. Helpful Hint: Research shows that it is best to keep the description concise.

Type of Program: Type of Program creates the correct registration funnel for your event.  There are two types of Programs, Individual and Team.

1)    Individual events used for all Clubs.  These first four types are the only options your Club will need to use.

  1. Recreational: this is a non-tryout based Program so players can opt to “return to a team” from a previous season
  2. Tryout: this is for a Club tryout
  3. Clinic: used for hosting a clinic or camp
  4. Other Individual Event: this option is used for any other event that an individual can register for.  This can be used for a tryout based season-registration (for Club teams) or even a Coaches/Team Managers registration.

2)    These Program types are used in conjunction with Korrio’s league functionality only.

  1. League
  2. Tournament
  3. Other Team Program

F. Notify Administrators Upon Signup:

  • Want to know when individuals begin registering for your Program?  Do you have limited space and capacity?  If this box is checked, a list of your Club Administrators will pop up.  You can select who you would like to will receive a notification message whenever someone registers for this Program.
  • With this feature you will know, at the moment, who is registering for your Program.  This is handy if you’d like to keep track of your registration progress, particularly if you’d like to run a promotion such as rewarding the 10th person who registers with a gift.

*When you are finished you can move on to the next tab, which is Dates.  Please note you do NOT need to choose Save Changes as this will save and close the Program.