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Create and Manage Albums in Gallery

Feature Name: Create and Manage Albums in Gallery


For Whom? All Korrio Users

How does this Help?

Need a place to post those tournament, team fundraiser or end of season party pictures?  Galleries are a great place to share photos for other people to see.  You can post photos to your personal Gallery, a Team Manger or Coach can post Albums to the Team Gallery, and a Club Admin can post Albums to a Club Gallery.

How it Works?

1. Create Album

  1. To start adding pictures you first need to create an Album.  Click on CREATE AN ALBUM.
  2. Enter a title and a description.
  3. Choose your Album Visibility- if you are a Club Admin you can choose to make it visible to your whole Club, Team Managers can choose to make it visible to their whole team, etc.
  4. Choose a file from your computer (up to 4MB in size) and click UPLOAD AND SAVE.  This will kick off the uploading.  When it’s done you’ll see a thumbnail of the photo and you can give it a name (the default is the original filename) and a caption.  You can also choose to make that picture the album cover.

2. Edit Album

Under GALLERY you will see the Album you have created.  You can choose UPLOAD to add more photos or EDIT to make changes to the Album.

  • Edit Album Information

This is the landing page when you click on EDIT from the main Album page.  Here you can change the name of the album, the description and the privacy.

  • Organize

If you’d like to rearrange the order that your photos are shown in your Album, click ORGANIZE.  Click and drag pictures to rearrange them in the album. When you’re finished, click SAVE.

  • Edit

Here you can edit photo information for pictures you’ve already uploaded- rename them, add a caption or choose to make the photo the album cover.

  • Add More

You can add more photos to your Album by clicking UPLOAD under your desired Album or by selecting EDIT and choosing “Add More” in the Album sub-navigation.  You can add as many pictures as you like, in the same way as before.

  • Delete Album

You can also delete entire albums by going to the main Gallery page and clicking DELETE under the album you want to remove.  Don’t worry, we’ll ask you to confirm this choice.

3. View/Review Album

Under Gallery click on the album name to view the album.

  • Remove Individual Photos

Here you can remove individual photos by clicking REMOVE under the photo.

  • Thumb through photos

Click on the photo (or it’s caption above) to open a large view of the photo.  The arrows at the top will help you navigate through the album- you can go to back to the previous photo or skip to the next.