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Custom Program “Receipts” and Attachments

Feature Name: Custom receipts and attachments

For Who? Registrar

How does this Help?

Would you like to include a custom receipt or attachment during the Registration flow when someone signs up for your Program?  No problem!  You can add an attachment to your Program details and your Customer Account Rep can set up your custom payment and receipt settings.

How it Works?

There are 3 separate areas that are all part of Registration process where your Club can include a message or attachment.  When someone has finished registering for your Program, your custom messages and attachments will show up on both the confirmation page and in the confirmation email.

Payment Settings: When registering for a paid program a parent will be asked how they would like to pay.

The various options for payment are listed below.

You have the ability to provide a message about that Payment option as well as an associated attachment.  You will need to provide this information to your Korrio account rep to implement for you.

For example, if someone chooses “check”, you can include a message like “You will not be 100% registered for this Kickers FC program until we receive your check” with an attachment further that provides further instruction regarding the payment process.

Receipt Settings: When a player is fully registered they will receive a confirmation of registration receipt in their email. The receipt functionality allows a club to personalize that receipt to have the same look and feel as the club.  In the receipt settings you can decide on your:

  • Receipt Header
  • Club Welcome Message
  • Receipt Footer

You can also include a Club Welcome Attachment, such as a mission statement or details about your Club.

You will need to provide this information to your Korrio account rep to implement for you.

Program Attachment: As a Club registrar you can include an attachment when you Create a Program.  This attachment should be about the Program itself, like a PDF or flyer that promotes your Program.