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Feature name: Group Mail

For Who? Club and Team Administrators

How does this Help?

Have you ever wanted to email a large group of people without the hassle of keeping massive contact lists or flooding your email inbox with “reply all” messages?  In Korrio you can easily send a Group Message to any number of people – like players, parents, coaches, or even members of your club who live in a certain zip code, without the burden of compiling distribution lists or clogging up your personal email.

How it works?

Our Group Mail feature allows you to communicate from a real-time database via email.  You simply run a report for whom you’d like to email — and your message will be sent to them directly, without having to leave the system:

  1. Go to Club Homepage
  2. Click on REPORTS TAB
  3. Run report to select person or group you want to mail to
  4. Click on EMAIL FROM REPORT button
  5. Complete email fields
  6. Click on SEND MESSAGE (Note: you are able to send a TEST MESSAGE if needed)