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Integrated Registration Payment Flow – PayPal and

Feature Name: Registration made Easier!

For Whom? Paypal and payment Sites

How does this Help?

We’ve integrated our payment vendors with the Korrio Registration process so that your members can now submit their orders in our platform.  You no longer need to send them to the 3rd party site (i.e. Paypal or However, this feature is only available to those clubs who have Paypal or  If you do not have either of those please contact your Customer Service Manager for more info!

How it Works?

Members will now be able to process their payment through the Korrio platform if they are paying by credit card (includes automatic payment plan and payment plan).

Submit payment info under PAY BY CREDIT CARD tab.

They will be brought to a final receipt page that confirms their order.  Please note a confirmation will also be sent via email.