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Message Team from My Messages Tab

Feature Name: New “Message to Teams” from Compose field under My Messages

For Whom? All Korrio Users

How does this Help?

Team communication is extremely important.  We understand. We’ve made it easier than ever to send messages to members of the team, or teams, you are on.  In COMPOSE you now have a drop-down menu to select your “send to” recipients from your team.

How it works?

Send messages to your team members- Entire Team, Team Personnel, Team Parents- from Compose under My Messages tab.

  1. Login to your personal dashboard.  Click MY MESSAGES and COMPOSE under the sub-navigation.
  2. You will see a drop-down toolbar under SEND TO TEAMS that says “Select your Team”.
  3. Choose to message the Entire Team, Team Personnel or Team Parents.
  4. What to message two groups out of the three?  Once you select one group you will see they have been added under SEND TO.  Simply use the toolbar again to select another group and they will also be added.