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Feature Name: Message Team Quick Links

For Whom? Administrator, Coach, Team Manager

How does this Help?

We’ve reduced the number of clicks and typing required for any team member to message the entire team. Based on your feedback, it’s never been easier to get an instant message out to those on your current team.  There’s no need to update distribution lists- your messages will always go to those on your current team roster!

We’ve learned that the most common communication type includes messaging your entire team, messaging team personnel or messaging the team parents.  On the left hand navigation of your Team Homepage there is a Message Team widget feature.

When you click on the link of the group you’d like to message, you will be redirected to the My Messages Tab where the “To” field will automatically be filled in for you.

Other Important Facts:

  • This capability is only for members of your team – it is not visible to outsiders.
  • You can add others individuals or group recipients by using the To Field, but you cannot go back to the team and add another recipient from the message team links. These are single message links.