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New tools and faster page loading for Reports


Feature Name: New Tools for Reports and Faster Loading

For Whom? Club Admins

How does this Help?

After receiving feedback on our Reports page, we have released new enhancements to help you manage your reports more efficiently.  Your reports will now load faster and we have given you tools to search for entries within a report and sort through multiple pages in long reports.

What is Faster?

  • Faster sorting by column when using the toolbar at the top
  • Faster page rendering, better support on slower computers/browsers.
  • Faster CSV Export and Report Printing

What tools do I have?

  • Choose how many entries shown: use the drop down menu to choose how many entries you’d like displayed on one page.
  • Sort through long reports by page: use the First, Previous, Next or Last options at the bottom of the report or choose the individual page number to sort through your report.
  • Search within the context of report results: You now have a Search tool so that you can more easily find the entry you are looking for.  Enter first or last name, gender, team name, birth date, etc. to filter through your entries.