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Payment Page Enhancements

Feature Name: Optimized Payments Page

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Feature Name: Payments Page Load and Search Faster

For Whom? Club Financial Managers including Treasurer and Bookkeepers

How does this Help?

After receiving feedback on our Payments page, and how financial managers post transactions, we have released a new enhancement to the Payments page.  The Payments page now loads faster, searching is easier and faster, and once you post a transaction the page does not need to refresh-you will immediately see your new post.

How it works?

  • You can access your Payments page from your main Club Homepage or from any of your Program pages
  • The main Payments page from your Club Homepage shows all transactions for the club for all programs, and you can do all your work here without worrying about the page re-loading each time you post a payment or credit.
  • It now shows the most recent10 transactions.
  • If you want to view more transactions, use the First, Previous, Next or Last options at the bottom of the page to find other entries.
  • If you’d like to view more than 10 entries at a time, click the “Show entries” box, and select 25, 50 or 100.
  • We now have a “Search” feature (instead of the “filter” feature we had before) where you can type in a name to find that account’s transaction.

** PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL HAVE A NEW “POSTING CHECKS” FEATURE COMING SOON. Check back with us or contact your Customer Manager for details.