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Payments Page Enhancements- Description

Feature Name: “Description” added on Payments Page

For Whom? Club Treasurers

How does this Help?

In our continued effort to offer a comprehensive accounting system for our Club Treasurers, we’ve released our final update to the Payments Page.   You’ve already learned how to add a description to your financial transactions, and we’ve made those easier than ever to view in your individual transaction records.

You can now view the specific DESCRIPTION for both Transaction Details as well as Payment History on each transaction record.  This makes it extremely easy to look up a transaction to see where their purchase came from as well as any identifying details for their payment history.

How it Works?

Whether posting a check, applying a credit, issuing a refund or adding a fee, you can now view your payment Descriptions under each transaction record from the Payments Page.

Go to your Club homepage and click on PAYMENTS.

  1. Find the members name that you want to manage transactions for under the REFERENCE column or search for them using the tool on the upper right.
  2. Click on the small “+” sign next to the date to open the details of the transaction.
  3. You will see a DESCRIPTION line under Transaction Details and Payment History.