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Post Checks to Transactions-Easier than Ever!


Feature Name: New “Post Check” Feature on Payments Page

For Whom? Club Financial Managers including Treasurer and Bookkeepers

How does this Help?

We now have a quick “Post Check” link available on the Payments page for Admins with Financial rights. This makes it really easy to post a check as it skips the previous steps of having to “find” the program/user/reference transaction and enter “Payment” and “Check” from the Add Transaction link. This new user interface is much easier for posting checks. *Note: it doesn’t require a page reload!

How it works?

Go to your Club homepage and click on PAYMENTS.

  • Find the player’s name that you want to post a check for under the REFERENCE column or search for them using the tool on the upper left.
  • Click on the small “+” sign next to the date to open the details of the transaction.
  • Click the POST CHECK link and a pop up box will open.
  • Enter the check amount and check number in the DESCRIPTION box.
  • When you select POST PAYMENT the balance will update without the page having to reload!