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Web Hosting made Easy

Feature Name: Korrio Web Hosting (included in Playflow)

For Who? Club Webmaster

How does this Help?

Web hosting is full launched – and has never been so easy. Our user-friendly CMS system makes updates and edits easy and quick for non-technical volunteers and staff.

How it Works?

To configure your website you need to visit our Site Administration tab under your Club Homepage, which is only viewable to Club Admins. You will see the sub-navigations below that help you design the look and feel of your website.

Settings- This tab holds all the important details of your Club.  Click Edit Section to change or update your name, custom label (which is an abbreviated name), the gender of your players, your timezone, the public description of your Club or contact information, like address, phone numbers and email.  Click here to view our video.

Pages- Here you can Add Pages to your website or View, Edit and Delete pages you’ve already created.  What are pages?  Common examples are Field Locations, Contact Us, Personnel, and About. Click here to view our video.

Posts- Posts are blog entries or articles that display in reverse chronological order on your Club Homepage.  The newest post is always at the top. Click here to view our video.

Documents- Here you can upload documents to help you keep everything in one place.  These can be policies, procedures, fliers, forms, images, resumes, conduct forms, or agendas.  This tab is designed to provide a simple way to upload files to the server- for linking and downloading- but it’s important to note that it is not a document management system. Click here to view our video.

Links- If you’d like to have links on your website to other sports teams, organizations, apparel shops, or sponsors, you can add them here.  Click here to view our video.

Widgets- Widgets allow a Webmaster to configure the look and feel of their website and add content. But what is a Widget? A widget is a small application that allows you to program content in a specific area of your site.  With a widget you can insert the Pages, Posts, and Links you’ve created into your site.

To add, remove, or re-arrange content on your site you simply drag and drop your widgets in desired location.  When you do so your website will be updated instantaneously.  Click here to view our video.