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Lines of communication in sports

As sports parents, we understand the importance of communication regarding our children.

  • Coach < > Parent
  • Coach < > Player
  • Team Manager < > Parent
  • Club <  > Parents
  • Parents < > Other Parents

At Korrio, we realized this right from the beginning and built our sports automation solution to help develop these lines of communication in a safe, effective and simple manner. Here are a few ways our service makes this easy:

  1. We have an easy messaging system that can be accessed on your desktop or mobile. Simply click on to email or call/text your coach, team manager or other team parents directly.
  2. Players can use Korrio as a safe way to communicate with teammates, regardless if they have email or not. They can leave messages through their Wall Feed on their personal dashboard. A nice way to build friendships on and off the field.
  3. Korrio makes last minute communication a breeze. You can set preferences in your Korrio dashboard on how you want to receive communication in the event of a change – robo-call, text or email.
  4. Korrio makes it easy for your sports organization to keep their website fresh! Korrio web hosting allows non-technical folks to make changes and add content quickly. No one will miss a thing!

Bottom line – getting everyone to the right place on time, wearing the right color uniforms is not always easy. Korrio allows you to schedule events, practices, games and tournaments with full driving directions and calendars synched to your smart phones. We even show you weather, include volunteer assignments as well as coach/team manager notes.

You can enjoy a user experience like never before. With built-in messaging (no more distribution lists) everyone stays connected. Communication is the key to everything. Now, Korrio makes it easy.

Korrio. One for all. All for sports.

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