All for sports!

Sharing sports via Facebook

As a youth sports organization, it’s important to effectively communicate to your customers – the parents and players you serve each day. Facebook is an easy answer.  A few minutes each day can positively reflect your brand and all the hard work you put into your sports program.  Share more and build your community!

In a recent 2012 Korrio Youth Soccer Parent Survey, 33.1% of respondents say they share their child’s soccer life with family and friends via social media outlets.  63.3% use Facebook to do so.

The first step is making sure your club/organization has a Facebook page!

Here are 5 tips to get started:

1. Make sure your club/organization website has a clear link to your  Facebook page and encourage your customers to “Like us” in all of your communication

2. Let folks know about upcoming events (clinics, tournaments, fundraisers, etc)

3. Pictures are the best way to emotionally connect so post photos/albums from major events

4. Share results from tournaments and games with quick highlights

5. Share press clippings or articles posted about your club – OR – articles you think will benefit your teams (new products, training research, injury prevention, etc)