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The art of a re-brand

My oldest daughter recently downloaded an application called “logos quiz game” on her iPhone (identifying company brands) and we were both addicted – passing all 9 levels within days. Hard to believe how powerful brands truly are. They stay with you and you don’t even know it.

Here at Korrio, we just experienced a brand audit and re-design. Korrio 2.0.  It was unlike any other re-brand I have managed. Why? Partly due to the fact we hired the most talented brand expert and designer in Seattle to direct a clear, timely and precise process. His specialty is a holistic approach to strategic design using brand as the foundation. We did intensive research, internal and external brand team surveys and workshops, competitive review, messaging exercises, visual reviews and much more. It was hard, it was challenging, and it was FUN. A 3-month process end-to-end. It’s the foundation for everything we do.

Our company shaped and developed the brand naturally as we evolved since our Jan 2009 launch (unlike the our initial logo where you hope to create a logo that captures it all and just works). I also feel brand happens easily when you have the legs to make it work: innovative technology, a clear mission, the right team, market potential and correct timing. I call it brand magic.

We launched our new Korrio home about one month ago  – Our goal was to architect a site that met all of the key stakeholders within youth sports in a friendly and informative way. What’s in it for them? Why should they care? We wanted to keep it real, keep it simple and make it relevant. We need our brand to scale through time and sport. So tell us– How did we do? (send us feedback in footer of our homepage)

Any sports club or organization should consider their brand as they build their business. Brand defines who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. Your brand attributes should apply to everything you do. To help, Korrio has developed a brand guide that serves as a helpful resource for any level of play – recreational to premier. Check it out.

Remember that Brand = Trust.  How do you want people to define your sports organization? Take your brand seriously and start noticing the positive impact.