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What does Korrio mean when we say “Integrated”?











We mean taking organizations, teams and families/players and connecting them all through one smart system that delivers the info each user cares about right to their fingertips. Integration in the modern sports world starts with your organization’s website (your face to the world and key recruiting tool) and cascades through team pages and individual dashboards.

    • Korrio automatically creates team sites when a team is formed during the rostering process.
    • Korrio automatically creates a dashboard for players and parent/guardian that signs up for a program.

Your members do not have to lift a finger. Three separate universes are now aligned and connected,    allowing improved brand, operations and communications. Everything needed to run a successful youth sports organization in ONE place. Now that’s powerful.

There are 6 things that define true integration in youth sports:

1. Your club/org web site is easy to brand, maintain and update.

2. Every team in your organization has their own team site or “hub” to improve their experience both on and off the field. (kids can communicate in a safe online environment)

3. Every member in your organization has their own personal dashboard to their sports life. Korrio is 100% kid centric — one that is architected around the player, so all the data that matters to that kid and his/her parents flows right into their personal Korrio dashboard.

4. Your brand is consistent and teams are not running off doing their own custom solution.

5. Your sports organization can now communicate more effectively because everything is connected.

6. Your Korrio calendar is synced with your personal calendar. Korrio messages forward to your personal email and last minute alerts are sent right to your phone.

Learn more about the benefits of integration by reading our latest white paper, Korrio hosted websites.