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Communicating Last Minute Changes

Last Minute Change

I’ve been playing or coaching sports every year for at least 20 years. Let’s figure each year I’m on at least two teams – averaging from the pewee days when I played 3-4 sports to the years when I specialized and focused my energy on soccer.

Do you know how many times games have been canceled or rescheduled? How many rainouts, field changes, and coaches’ conflicts there have been? Too many to count!

We recently conducted a survey at Korrio with over 400 youth sports parents. One of the questions was “How does your child’s coach reach you to communicate last minute schedule changes?”

61.7% of respondents said that they get an email for last minute changes. Now, that might be all well and good if you have a desk job and keep a close eye on your email, or are constantly refreshing your inbox on your mobile devices, but I would argue this isn’t particularly helpful when your already on your way to the game or practice. Sports parents today are constantly on the go – picking up, dropping off, running errands, shuttling from one event to the next – and can’t be expected to have an eye on their email at all times.

As a coach, it’s pretty crucial for me to communicate with my families in a timely and effective manner. In the past, news about a last minute change would have had to be spread via phone trees. And for me, present day but before Korrio, I had to individually text each player and parent (crossing my fingers I wouldn’t forget about anyone!).

Now I have the ability to send a last-minute alert via robo-voice call, text and email to everyone on the team with a simple click of a button!

In this day and age when people are constantly on the go and relying heavily on their mobile devices, having a last-minute alert system is not only a luxury, but a necessity.

My job is to ensure that no one misses a thing – whether I decide to change an event or the weather conspires against me. Don’t settle for anything less than up-to-the-minute…your parents will love you for it!