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Evaluating Women’s Soccer Women’s Soccer News: One Step-two Steps for Women’s Soccer

One Step-two Steps

If you were surprised at the end of January when Women’s Professional Soccer (WPSannounced suspension of the 2012 season, join the club. Since then I’ve been trying to make sense of the women’s game – what is the best league now, where are the WPS players going, is the women’s game taking a step backward?

The announcement of the creation of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSLElite League just 10 days later helped answer some questions, but it really just made me want to know more. Had the USL thought about stepping up to host a professional league? Who is playing in the Elite League anyway?

I figured I’m not the only one wanting some answers, or at least clarification, so I decided to do some research and reach out to the experts for answers.


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