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Importance of Multi-Tasking For Sports Mom

If you are a sports Mom, chances are that you will have lots of down time to fill in when your kid is busy with their sports sessions. So how do you use your time – Do you use it to surf phone or do you use it productively?


Being a sports Mom normally involves dropping your kids off to various classes and events. The ones who are experienced by now know how to ensure that you don’t have headache surfing too much of net on your smart phones or just sit there bored to such an extent that you start counting how many trees are there in the park?

So here are few of the options that you can do while you sit idle during your kid’s practice sessions:

1)  Go out and get a brisk walk or keep dumbbells in your car. In nutshell, take a break to get the workout and ensure that you stay fit.

2)  Read your favorite book while you are sitting there. It’s time for your inner child to wake up and enjoy the free time to rejuvenate yourself.

3)  Catch up on your to do list for the day and see where are you lacking. Answer your e-mails or return phone calls to ensure that you have time later on to spend with your kids.

4)  Call your old friend with whom you haven’t connected in a long while.

5)  Do grocery shopping if there is supermarket nearby or run any other errand that you need to do (if the destination is nearby).

6)  Clean your car or get a journal to write down your dreams, goals or in general how your day has been going.

7)  If you don’t feel like doing any of the above, then go to sleep and get a quick power nap to recharge your batteries.

8)  This one is not exactly mom’s favorite but still I think can hugely improve us. Sit down in your car or a quiet location nearby and focus on your breath with eyes closed (in other words do meditation). This can help your inner self calm down and make you more energetic to live your day in cheerful manner.

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