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July 2012 ISN Stars of Coaching – Chris Black

“I always tell them to live in the moment. It will be gone before you know it.  Enjoy every minute that you can play. It could be gone tomorrow, in a week, or in four years if you are a freshman in college.”

These are the words of Ohio Galaxies WPSL head coach Chris Black, one of the top young coaches in all of the Midwest.

Where did this valuable lesson come from? In part it was something he learned from his high school basketball coach, something that didn’t really click at the time.

“Everyday was a life lesson,” Black said. “You are trying to mold players into men and women that are mature, make good decisions, and are professional.”

It wasn’t about playing basketball, but rather living life and it was something that easily transferred to a soccer pitch.  Combined with developing a competitive attitude and a professional environment, this became a key teaching concept for Black.

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