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Korrio 2.0 – A New User Experience

When I first arrived at Korrio in September 2011 I was introduced to the company’s “four pillars”.
Established by our CEO, everything Korrio does is measured against the idea that we want
Korrio to be easy, integrated, safe, and mobile. They are simple words and lay out what Korrio
always wants to achieve.

Of the four pillars, I’ve always believed that “easy” is the hardest one to strive for. “Easy” is
so subjective. What’s “easy” for me as a technologist and product developer might not be for
someone else. What’s “easy” for a parent or coach in getting players on the field might seem
really hard or complex to me.

The user interface you see with Korrio today was designed to be easy, but over time strayed
from that mark. The goal was to create something that would work for all users, and to expose
administrators, parents, and coaches to the features they would need when and where they would need them. The color choices and layouts were picked to be softer and less intimidating to the non-technical user. Easy was often defined as making something possible, not whether or not it was a good idea in the first place. Too many features got jammed into too small a space.

Since coming to Korrio I’ve been, in one way or another, working on a new Korrio user
experience. I use the term “experience” instead of just “interface” because we’ve taken a
completely new view of what it means to use our service with an eye to not just making it easy
for everyone but simple, intuitive, and adaptable to platforms beyond the desktop.

Let me give you a little sneak peak.

For clubs and administrators, we have done a lot of work to make your jobs easier. Previously,
we tried to put admin menus within each section of Korrio – but that led to confusion and lots of
clicking between pages to find the right options. Administrators will find all their key functions in
a simple to view menu that’s always at the top of the screen. In addition to being able to see and
jump to any function at once, there are context sensitive options to speed up repetitive tasks.

Admin Navigator

As part of improving the user experience we’ve gone beyond just a new admin menu but
increased the speed of several functions. Searching for a user account is several times faster
than before, and we’ve made impressive speed gains in our team roster and management

Clubs and teams will find new features for promoting themselves including a more powerful
blogging system, easy to update photo carousel and lots of other features to make their online
presence a reflection of their brand and competitive spirit.

Blog Posts

Parents and players will see some great new views as well. The user dashboard, profile and
account pages have all been redesigned to make it easier to not only see your upcoming events
but to share photos, manage your payments and get important alert notices.

Highlights Page

Finally there are some big changes coming to how registrations are presented, making it easier
for everyone to find the right program for their player and complete registration quickly and

Creating this new UX has been a long process, involving the entire Korrio team, some outside
UX experts and feedback from many of our customers. We’re not ready to show you everything
yet but stay tuned, it’s coming very soon. All of us at Korrio can’t wait for you to see it. The
new user experience and all the other new things we have planned for 2012 and beyond will
continue Korrio’s vision to be both an administrative platform for clubs and a social network for
parents, players and fans.