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Korrio – ISN Stars of Coaching – December 2013



Matthew Driver is arguably one of America’s brightest soccer minds. He is regarded as an innovator with a creative spirit and a deep respect for the game and its traditions. Driver has devoted his life to the sport and has contributed to the careers of players from all walks of soccer life.  He has been involved in every capacity, from coaching to management to marketing and administration, in addition to serving as a well-known author, tactician, and presenter.

“I was told at a very young age that I would be more successful as a coach than I would be as professional player,” Driver recalled. “I showed great promise as a player and displayed great leadership, but I decided if I wanted to continue my lifelong love affair with the game and continue to make an impact, I would have to go into coaching. It was at that time that I began to immerse myself in learning from clubs, federations, methodologies, and coaches all over the world in order to help shape my coaching philosophy.”

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