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Korrio Mobile “Real-life” Use Case: Coach finds RSVP feature key to Successful Planning

Use case written by Lauren, Coach, U13 Soccer, Seattle, WA

The Korrio Mobile App makes my life so much easier. The convenience of having all my necessary team information, such as schedules and contacts, in my possession all the time has allowed me to be alot more productive as a coach. I no longer need to create a Team contact group in my phone because I have quick access to communicate to whomever on my team – whenever I want.

My favorite feature on the Korrio Mobile App is the ability to view the RSVP responses to a game or practice and then communicate accordingly. For example, I was at a tournament last weekend and only 11 of my 16 players was able to attend. I was able to effectively plan our strategy for the games and when communicating out details for the tournament, I was able to segment my communication to only those people applicable.

The Korrio App makes my job less stressful and more enjoyable!