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Korrio: When soccer goes to the office, everyone wins

In a previous feature article on the local start-up tech company for Youth Sports Automation, we took a look at how CEO Steve Goldman organized Korrio with sports families in mind.  It’s nearly been a year since Korrio officially launched and already they are transforming the youth sports market and breaking the mold.  What attributes to this success?  It’s time to take a step back and look at how Korrio is organized by sports families..

Korrio is an automation provider for youth soccer clubs, leagues and associations and offers a platform that can help manage the workflow for a Club – think registration, tryouts, team formation, Club payments – as well as address the communication needs of a coach, parent and player.  As with all startups, you have to have a unique idea, a deep understanding of your market, a scalable business plan and a dynamic team to run your operations.   In regards to the later, Goldman was very intentional about how he went about putting together his team, and it’s very clear that the group he has assembled knows that they’re doing. I’ll prove it.

Does the Korrio team know soccer?

  • They have over 75 years combined of playing soccer, from recreational to premier clubs, collegiate, semi-professional and professional teams.  That is a lot of sweat.  That is a lot of skill.
  • They’ve played at NCAA Division I powerhouses like James Madison and the University of North Carolina.  They’ve won Division I National Championships and have been named the National Championship MVP.  That is a lot of travel.That is a lot of teamwork.
  • They’ve played professionally in the MLS and semi-professionally in the USSL Women’s and Men’s Leagues.  That is a lot of determination.  That is a lot of drive.
  • They’ve been named the Washington State Female Player of the Year, a High School All American and onto several Sate ODP Teams. That is a lot of success.
  • They’ve been recognized with the 2002 Patterson Medal for UNC Student Athlete of the Year – an award shared with the likes of Walter Davis, Lawrence Taylor, Kristine Lilly and Mia Hamm.  That is a lot to be proud of.

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