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Soccer Practice Tips for Limited Space or Equipment

The key to any successful practice is preparation. As coaches we need to know how much grass/turf space we have so we can create the needed grids or areas we would use during our team training. But sometimes all of that planning can go out the window when we arrive at the field and realize that we are sharing the accommodations with two other teams! The show must go on as they say and coaches do need to be fast thinkers.


Tips On Sharing Small Spaces:

  1. Communicate with the other coach while your team is going through their stretching and warm-up routine.
  2. Decide which team will have the goals for which parts of the time slot.
  3. Determine if one team needs more space than the other due to number of players or what they are trying to accomplish.
  4. Perhaps you can share the space for some skill builders to make enough room for both teams.
  5. Compromise as needed. We do not want our young players to see conflict amongst coaches.
  6. Discuss the challenges with your youth sport organization. In most cases start times can be staggered to allow for one team to use a great portion of the field for the start of their designated session.

What to do if you lack adequate equipment?
In some cases, youth coaches must purchase or use their own pinnies, balls, and cones. What if you do not have those items or just forget to bring them to practice…improvise.

  • Instead of cones, use player water bottles.
  • Instead of pinnies, match players up by colors of their shirts or just dark colors versus light colors.
  • Instead of goals, use player bags or even parents to act as goals.

Be creative and the team will respond!