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Team Fundraising Ideas: Car Wash

So you want to go to an away tournament, take the team to a ropes course or set up a team bonding night at a men’s or women’s professional soccer game.  Good thinkin’, coach!

The problem is, your parents are already paying registration, coaching, league and uniform fees. On top of that, they’ve agreed to extra costs for local tournaments and summer soccer camps.

The expenses keep adding up. You’ve thought of fundraisers, but don’t have any experience running one, and don’t have time to coordinate the details.

We’re here to help! A car wash is a simple way to raise the money you need to ensure your players have a fun, successful and memorable soccer season.

Car Wash Checklist:

SET THE DATE: Which local gas station allows car washes, and on what days? Can you host at a school or community center?

WHERE: Pick a prime location (right off freeways, near a park, etc)

WHAT TIME: Schedule for at least 4 hours, but if you have a large team (swim team, football team, etc.) you can run two different shifts, like 9-noon and noon-3pm

RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS: Communicate early and often! Collect RSVP’s for players and parents.

SUPPLIES (delegate to parent volunteers)

  • Liquid soap x4 (find environmentally friendly)
  • Hoses (at least 2, ideally 4)
  • Hose nozzles (at least 2, ideally 4)
  • Buckets x6
  • Extra large sponges, car wash mitts x12
  • Old towels – as you can assemble
  • Squeegee(s) x6
  • Trash bags to collect trash during the day – keep the property clean!
  • Bottled water, granola bars, bananas, trail mix to keep volunteers refreshed during the day


  • Set route for moving cars through – where will they enter, get washed, and exit?
  • One person handles the money. Keeps track of who has paid, who is next for a wash, etc.
  • Donations or fixed price? If you ask for donations, some people will pay $5, some will pay $20 or more. What are you most comfortable asking?
  • Prep your players and parents to talk about the team, cause for the fundraiser, etc. The clearer you communicate your message and goals, the more people will be willing to help!
  • Divide everyone into three teams that rotate every hour or so.
    • Wash Team – 2 cars can be washed at a time. At least 2 parents and 3-4 players per wash team.
    • Dry Team – 2 cars can be dried at a time. Again, 2 parents and 3-4 players per dry team.
    • Marketing – all players should get organized ahead of time to make posters to wave along the street. You could also have plastic buckets for players to hold for donations from folks who don’t want to stop for a carwash. Teams of 2-3 players on 2 different players. Tie ballons to fences, design and produce flyers to distribute to friends and neighbors, post carwash details on social sites like Facebook, etc. Get in the spirit! Dress up and be animated!


  • Where do volunteers park?
  • Obtain a list of rules and guidelines – no loud music, etc. (provided from host site) and go over with players at a preceding practice or before car wash.