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Team Fundraising Ideas: Raffle

Every year the highlight of the season is the summer “away” tournament. The girls and parents get extra bonding from staying overnight in hotels, carpooling to games, eating out together, etc. It’s a very rewarding experience, both athletically and socially, for everyone involved.

This year, my GU15 players want to room together, which could put undue financial stress on the families. To alleviate that burden, I organized a team Raffle so that the players could take direct responsibility of this extra privilege. Whatever money they could collectively raise would go towards their hotel fees.

It took hours of research and planning, which I know many of us don’t have! From one coach to another, it’s my pleasure to share this checklist with you. Best of luck!

Raffle Checklist (and our answers):

  • Who is it for?
    • Kickers FC Girls U15 (roster of 17)
  • What does the money go towards?
    • Away tournaments, trip to ropes course, team night out at a professional soccer game, etc.
  • What are you raffling off? Are there multiple prizes?
    • Raffle is for gas and grocery gift cards.
    • First prize is $200 gift card, second prize is $100 gift card, and third prize is $50 gift card
  • Is there a prize for the highest seller?
    • Can award the highest seller with $50 card (adds to total cost of running raffle) or keep it qualitative  – like team captain at the next game.
  • What is your goal? How much do you need to raise?
    • This will help you set the price/raffle ticket and each player’s individual goal.
  • How much are raffle tickets?
    • Raffle tickets cost $5 each. Each player is asked to sell 10-20 tickets during a 4 week time period.
  • Outline the odds! Get them excited.
    • Depends on how many players participate and fundraising goal, make sure to include this info on your fundraising cards!
  • How much does it cost to produce the raffle?
    • Raffle tickets can be printed by Costco, OfficeMax, or online. Online example here:
    • Cost for prizes is ~$350.
  • What is your total projected profit?
    • Set a maximum and minimum scenario. Profit if each girl reaches the $100 goal is $1700 – $350 raffle cost, $1350 total profit. If each player raises $75, $1275 – $350 = $925.
  • Are the profits being split for the team, or applied as a credit for each individual player?
    • Weigh pros and cons of having the total pot split between each player, or have the money each player raises contribute to their individual team fees/expenses.
  • Does your Raffle support your Club brand and By-Laws?
    • Be sure to tell a Club administrator about your plans and seek any guidance they may offer.

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