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The Value of Summer Sport Camps

Summer sports camps are about much more than learning skills. Camp can also be the catalyst for building self-confidence and positive social behaviors. Finding the right camp means asking the right questions and getting recommendations from other parents.

Summer Sports Camp More Than Sport Skill Building

Summer camps can be a terrific opportunity for a young athlete to be exposed to skill development, acquiring a better understanding of the strategies of a sport, learning from different coaches with perhaps a higher level of training, and meeting new players in and out of their community.

The cost of camp may be daunting to manage when we are still dealing with economic turbulence. Camp can be an investment in your child’s future on and off the playing field. When athletes are immersed in a sport specific setting for multiple hours over a number of days, they obtain a toolbox of skills and they learn how to deal with a number of different coaching and player personalities.

Mini teams are formed at camp as they practice their skills and techniques. New bonds form with players and our children may even formulate a different role in the group that they normally would not be able to express. Shy children may become more outgoing because the focus is on the sport, academically challenged children may feel more relaxed because their performance is measured by their physical attributes, and hyper-active children may be exposed to new strategies for paying attention to instructors.

An element that a sport camp can provide is the chance for players to try new skills and techniques free of pressure. Players can experiment with different positions and they may find they now like defense over offense. Camp coaches and counselors also have a niche for building tremendous team spirit over a week’s time. Teams that are formed at camp need to connect quickly and one way to build team cohesion is by developing a team cheer, supporting each others efforts, and wearing homemade team t-shirts.

Parents should investigate camps to be sure the objectives of the program matches the needs of the attendees. Some camps are heavily focused on elite players while many others are developmental in nature.  Camp is an investment in your child’s sport career; your money will be well spent when you select a reputable sport specific camp in your community.