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Tips to maximize youth sports travel for parents

Are you traveling for a weekend trip with your kids to a sports tournament?


Sounds like a lot to manage? Kids might have a great time thinking about how much fun it will be to play the sport that they love, sleep in a hotel, bond with their friends and teammates and have a good fun time! But for you or the coach, it can be pretty strenuous to think about the logistics and how to keep the kids in control. Even planning for their dinner can be a tiresome affair.

So here are few of the tips to keep in mind in case you are in the role of parents:

Healthy Snacks: Take a lot of healthy snacks so that kids can eat their lunch or breakfast if their schedule doesn’t permit. Rather than stocking them on potato chips and other oily snacks, it’s always important to ensure that they eat healthy. (Read more why your kids should eat healthy snacks in our previous post here). So be sure to take a lot of carrot, nuts, crackers, cheese, apples and many other healthy options (you can find then here) to ensure that the kid plays up to his full potential.

Travel Kit: Make sure that you have packed a must have travel kit for the trip. The list may include items like water bottles, hair ties, sunscreens, bug spray, Advil, Tylenol, Band-Aids, Neosporin, chairs, extra socks ( for rainy season), kid’s regular medicine, kid’s backpack or books so that homework and reading can be completed during flight or car journey, protective equipment for your kid, clothes, Nintendo etc.

Parent’s Kit: So when you are done with packing for your kid, it’s important that you pack few of the items for yourself also like chairs, chargers, mobile phones, laptop, phone list, venue addresses, cards, board games, magazines, iPod, earplugs, camera, clothes, jackets, sunglasses etc.

Code of Conduct: Make sure that you are aware of the code of conduct that has been set by the team’s coach. Once you know what it is, you need to ensure that the kids follow it so that they can perform to their maximum ability. Like some coaches have the policy of not going outside to the malls after 7 PM or no swimming etc., as these activities can make the kid tired and lethargic for the games.

Last but not the least, always hope for the best but plan for the worst. There can be a possibility that your reservations in the hotel might not work or there is a delay in your flight or problem with your car. Always have a plan B ready. If there is no plan B, then take a deep breath and come up with the next best option available. Keeping yourself calm and cool is very important for the kid to have fun during the trip.

Did you forget anything while going on a trip with your kid? Let us know your experiences and what the readers should keep in mind.

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