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Top 10 Healthy Snack Choices for your athletes

As a sports parent, you will often find yourself trying to figure out healthy snacks for your kids and their teammates. The most obvious choices are not always the best ones and probably might not make you an instant hit amongst kids. On the other hand, unhealthy snacks can make you popular amongst kids but their parents might not like those options.

So what do we do? As responsible parents, we must provide the healthiest snacks to the kids in such a way that the kids also like them. (If you are wondering why healthy snacks are important, please read our previous post).


To make it easier for you, here is a list of top 10 healthy snacks:

1) Individually packed fruit snacks, dried fruits, fruit leather or apple slices.
2) Low Fat String Cheese Sticks
3) Granola Bars (Less in sugar, calorie and fat content)*
4) Whole Grain Crackers
5) Yogurt frozen into pops
6) Whole-wheat pita slices, cut-up veggies, and hummus
7) Nuts and Raisins*
8) Individually Packed Baby Carrots
9) Popcorn
10) Trail Mix (Instead of candy, try for dried fruits) **

*These products might have nuts in them so make sure that you are aware of the allergies kids might have on the team.
**Also keep in mind that you can buy the snacks from outside in order to stop the parents from worrying about what kind of kitchen you might have or you can prepare these snacks at home and pack it in brown bags for kids.

Kids love these snacks and serving these snacks can make you an instant hit amongst them. So the next time, you have the volunteer duty to serve snacks to the entire team, don’t be shy and grab a quick idea from the list above.

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