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Korrio Mobile “Real-life” Use Case: U15 Team Manager Can Communicate Like Never Before

Use Case written by Carol, Team Manager, Boys U15 Soccer – Seattle, WA

As a team manager of a competitive boys U15 team the Korrio app has come in incredibly handy for me in many ways.

team carol

At a recent practice, we had some very stormy weather at the fields. I happened to be at the field that night when the coach decided that he wanted to end practice early because of the weather, however many of the parents had already left the area.

I opened the app went to “Messages”, compose, selected the entire team, and checked the box to make it urgent.  I typed in that practice would be ending early and sent out to everyone on the team. The message came through to everyone according to their settings in their profile. Not one kid was left waiting in the storm.

On a separate occasion, on the sideline of a recent game we realized that one of our players had not arrived at the field yet. I quickly opened the app, went to my roster, tapped the phone icon next to the players name, and called him right from the field. All was solved with a couple quick taps.

Because of the age of our team, the app has been exciting to the players and allows them to be more responsible for their own schedules.  Now they can quickly see who they are playing, what they are supposed to wear to the game, and what time they need to be there. No more, “Mom, what color are we wearing?”, “Who are we playing?” or “What time is my game?”

Additionally, I have a family on our team with 3 kids all on different teams. They have been so happy to quickly and easily see all 3 of their kids games and practices listed out in one place on their phone, complete with uniform colors and locations. They are big fans!

The Korrio App has made it easier to get information out to my team from where ever I am.