All for sports!

Happy members = Happy Club

So, what exactly does this mean? Every family is straight out trying to keep up with youth sports & activities. Today, parents “expect” to receive timely information and details in ways they currently work (i.e. mobile, social). Bottom line is that if they cannot find information, miss important details and can’t find the game – club administrators get lots of angry phone calls/emails and deal with lots of headaches. No fun.

Now, here comes the easy part. Korrio does not change the way people work – we just improve it through smart automation designed for your sports families on the go. We give you the tools to run a successful business while giving your members a delightful experience – unlike anything they have experienced before. Everything they need is presented to them in a clean and easy to use mobile app. Things like schedules, directions, manager notes, volunteer assignments, what uniform color to wear and more. Calendars are updated automatically through Korrio so no one misses a thing – ever! Members can even invite fans and send live game updates from the sidelines.

So, what does this mean for your club? It strengthens your brand, reputation and registration numbers. Your members are happy, so naturally they want to continue playing for your organization. They tell all of their friends about how easy it is to keep up and how much they love Korrio’s mobile app.

Is this a huge competitive advantage that makes your organization stand apart? We think so! Ask for a demo today to see how we can help take your organization to the next level.