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Listening to Your Athlete








Listening is an art, and not one we all practice enough – Here are Dr. Dina Gentile’s insights on why listening to our youth soccer players in critical for devlopment. 

This weekend marked the end of lacrosse season for my seven-year old daughter. This was her first time playing the sport while others on her team had a few seasons of experience.

For many in soccer our children start playing at an early age and develop a sense of security when playing the game because they comprehend how to pass, dribble, and shoot. But we always have to be reminded that there are new players coming through the youth soccer system who may need some more attention and also some time to reflect about what the have accomplished.

My daughter announced at dinner that she needed to take a break from lacrosse this summer and she will start up again in the fall. I asked why she needed the break and she quickly chimed back saying she needed her “brain to rest”! This was a mentally trying season for her learning a new game and trying to balance being a below average player when in her sport of soccer she is a solid contributor.

As a parent I felt sad that she was so exhausted from learning new skills and also that she did not feel worthy on the team.

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