Getting Started With Korrio

For Registrars

Back office functionality made easy.

For Business Managers

Financial tasks & web hosting tools.

For Team Managers

Improve communications and simplify your tasks.

For Coaches

Enhance your coaching style with real-time communication.

For Parents

Stay on top of your game with one place for your sports life.

For Players

Your own dashboard to your sports life – on and off the field!

Most frequently asked questions

  1. I lost my Password, where is it? How do I change my password?
    Lost Password

    When you created your Korrio account during registration you chose your own password. If you forget that password Korrio will send you a new one.

    1. Click “LOST PASSWORD?” on the upper right corner of your Club Homepage.
    2. Enter your username or e-mail address you used during registration and you will receive a new password via e-mail.
    3. You must click the link in your email that confirms you have requested a new password.
    4. You will receive a second email with your new Korrio password.
    5. After you Login with the password that Korrio emailed, you can personalize your password under CHANGE PASSWORD in your Profile Page.

    Change Password

    Changing your password is very easy:

    1. Login to your personal Korrio dashboard.
    2. Click on MY PROFILE tab
    3. Click on CHANGE PASSWORD
    4. Type in new password and confirm
    5. Click SAVE CHANGES

    What if I did not create my Korrio account?

    If you did not set up your Korrio account during registration, your Club may have created one for you using information about you that they had from a previous database or registration. In this instance, please use the LOST PASSWORD link and use your email address to retrieve a new password. If you are unsure of your email address please contact a Korrio Customer Service Manager at (855) 256-7746.

  2. How do I pay?
    Payment for all programs should be completed during the online registration process. Your club will determine the exact payments details, such as accepting checks, payment plans or financial aid.

    Pay by Check

    At the end of Registration you will see summary of your order and your Club’s address will be displayed if you have selected to pay by check. Please note your registration is NOT COMPLETE until your Club Treasurer has received your check.

    Pay by Credit Card

    If you would like to pay by credit card you will see summary of your order at the end of Registration and instructions to finalize your registration by submitting your payment via PayPal, our preferred payment provider. When you click Pay Now a new window will pop open and you will be redirected to PayPal’s website.

    Pay in Full:

    If you are paying in full for the Program, in PayPal you can select to pay as a “one time guest” and do not need to set up a PayPal account.

    Payment Plan:

    1. If you have the option to set up an automatic payment plan (determined at Club level), you will need to create a PayPal account.
    2. After you have created a PayPal account and made a payment, PayPal will email you a receipt copy.

    Pay from Profile Page

    If for some reason you weren’t able to pay at the end of Registration and have an outstanding balance on your account, you can pay from your profile page with a credit card (only if you chose to pay by credit card or Payment Plan on your original registration)

    1. Login to your Korrio account.
    2. From your Homepage click on the tab that says “My Profile”.
    3. Scroll down to the section called Transaction Information.

    1. Click the little green plus symbol next to the transaction you want to make a payment on.

    1. Click “Make a Payment”.
    2. Fill in the amount, and click “Pay Now”.
    3. This will take you into PayPal to fill in your credit card information (please note – You do not have to have a PayPal account, you can click on “Pay with a credit or Debit card”).

  3. How do I set up how I want to receive alerts and notifications?
    Alerts and Notifications

    Since communication is SO important, setting up exactly how you want to receive automated robo call, email and text alerts is one of the coolest features of Korrio (Includes last minute alerts and urgent messages). Its completely customizable to fit your busy life!

    1. Login to your personal dashboard.
    2. Click on MY PROFILE
    4. Select message types and phone numbers (note: this phone number is pulled from your profile data)
    5. Click SAVE CHANGES

  4. Why do you need a separate parent and player account?
    Player and Parent Account

    Korrio’s Playflow technology design requires both a player and parent account so everyone can take full advantage of the rich feature set that Playflow offers. The Korrio platform is focused on the individual. Every account is personal to your youth sports connections. We even push all data that matters to you – right into your personal account. Gone are the days of looking for schedules and field locations.

    1. Parent has full access and control of child account
    2. Parents can communicate directly with other parents, coaches and players.
    3. Enables players to communicate to coaches and teammates directly within a safe environment.

  5. How do I edit my email address?

    Editing your email address is simple:

    1. Login in to your personal Korrio dashboard
    2. Click on MY PROFILE tab
    3. Click on EDIT SECTION in the personal information section.
    4. Change email
    5. Click SAVE CHANGES

    *Note: Admins can easily change emails inline wherever you see the email address. This change is real-time and updates email in every location in the system automatically.