Administrator and Registrar Help Guide


Your role as a Registrar or Administrator is a critical one. Because of the work you do, kids get to play soccer and parents get to enjoy watching them do what they love. You manage and direct important activities like…

  • Overseeing and ensuring player registration.
  • Creating the teams that kids will play on.
  • Populating team rosters from players, coaches and managers (current members of your club, newly registered players and newly appointed coaches and managers).
  • Confirming that all important waivers and releases are up to date and on file.
  • Ensuring that all teams are properly registered for leagues and tournaments and that the rosters are correct.

Korrio understands how important these functions are and we have built our integrated system to make your job intuitive and easy. To ensure a smooth transition, we have provided “How-To” Administrator & Registrar Guides for the five most important functions that you will perform within Korrio.

  1. Creating a Team in Korrio
  2. Populating a Team in Korrio
  3. Managing Team Rosters in Korrio
  4. The RMA Process in Korrio
  5. Creating Reports Using Korrio
New Team Setup video

New Team Setup video

Adding Players to Roster video

Adding Players to Roster video

Quick Reports video

Quick Reports video

Important terms to note:

  • The term “Members” refers to people who are in your club and includes players, coaches, team managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  • The term “Import” refers to placing players, coaches, team mangers and other administrators who are already members in your club or association onto a team.

We are here to help, so be sure to reach out to us if you need assistance.