Populating a Team

The Korrio system allows Registrars and Administrators to quickly and easily place players, parents, coaches, managers, or administrators onto teams.  Our system intelligently recognizes who the person is, what personal information they have, and where they need to go. This guide will show you how easy it is to collect players, coaches, and managers from your current system and place them into Korrio.

Let’s get started..


We have designed our system to be intuitive and easy to use. Our focus is to make your life as a Registrar and Administrator simpler. Here are some of the things Korrio can do for you:

  • Place any existing player, parent, coach, or manager onto a team in Korrio.
  • Import to the entire Club at once, or to a specific team
  • Automatically create an account for each person.
  • Populate all their personal information into the Korrio profile.
  • State your role or position.
  • Place each player, coach, and manager onto the correct team.

Just follow the simple steps below and you will quickly see your roster from within Korrio.

How to collect information for your existing players, coaches, and managers

To correctly populate your teams in Korrio, you need to gather your existing players, coaches, and managers from your current system. The process is easy, and only requires a few steps.

  • Find the team(s) in your Club’s non-Korrio system, and click on the option to create a report to export.
  • Select the different fields you want to collect.
  • If importing more than one team, make sure to export the Team Name and Team Number (ID).
  • Run the report.
  • Save the report as a CSV file to your computer. (.CSV is Comma Separated Value)

If this is the first time you have run a team report, take some time to look through it. Please note how it is organized, the information that has been extracted, and the format for additional team reports.

NOTE: If you are importing roster information into your State’s Korrio system and not for your own Club’s use, you only need to enter and import the information your State requires. For instance, if your State does not require Parent information simply leave blank all fields in columns that start with ‘PG1′ and ‘PG2′. Korrio will ignore blank fields as well as deleted columns.

Preparing your team for Korrio

Before we start loading your players into Korrio, you need to ensure that your file is ready to go. If our system does not recognize the layout and headers, it will not find and pull the data. These simple steps will enable a smooth transition.

  • Follow the guidelines for the Import Template. If our system does not recognize a column header, it will not find and pull the data.
  • The first row of the file must contain the correct column headers.
  • The following rows are where your players and their information is located.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are importing multiple teams, make sure to fill in the Team Name and Team Number fields in your import file
  • To import multiple teams’ rosters, click on the Personnel tab on your Club page; to import a single team’s roster, click on the Roster tab within the team page.
  • Click on the Import Members link, located underneath the main tabs.
  • You are now in position to add your members into Korrio.

Let’s see if your file is ready

We recommend that you run a test before you add all of your players, parents, coaches, managers, and administrators into Korrio. This will highlight any issues that you may want to address with the file. Here are the simple steps to run a test import.

  • Click on the ‘Import Members‘ link
  • Select ‘Just a Test
  • Click  ’Choose File
  • Select the CSV file in your documents folder
  • Once you have selected the file, click the green ‘Import Members‘ button.

Test runs provide much of the same information as a regular load of player information, such as updates, summary and a more detailed report. These results will load into the tab you are working on.

Adding your players, parents, coaches, and managers to Korrio

You have worked through our preparation tools and you may have even run some tests. You are now ready to load your teams.

  • Click on the ‘Import Members‘ link.
  • Bypass the check boxes.
  • Click ‘Choose File‘.
  • Select the CSV file in your documents folder.
  • Once you have selected the file, click the green ‘Import Members‘ button.
  • A pop up screen will appear, with the Korrio runner – this indicates that the import has started.
  • A drop down screen will update you on the import progress.

Import Summary after adding players, coaches, and managers in Korrio

Once your players, coaches, and managers have been successfully loaded, you will see several pieces of information that summarize what has been accomplished.

  • The number of players that have been added.
  • The number of existing players that have been updated.
  • Errors that highlight what did not work.
  • Warnings that highlight what information the system changed.
  • The number of queries and the number of lines that have been processed.

On the import summary that is generated, there is a link to a report. This report is a more detailed overview of the import results, highlighting why certain pieces of data were attributed with warnings or errors, and what information was changed when an update was made to an existing member.

Every player, parent, coach, manager, and registrar now has a Korrio account

When the person who has been loaded into Korrio is new, the system will automatically create a new account for that user by using the information that is connected to them. If the person already exists, Korrio will check the information and make any updates. Our process is thorough to make your life simpler.

Adding existing players, parents, coaches, managers, and administrators to your current club system into Korrio is easy to do, and you can have it up and running quickly. If you need to change any information, you can edit member profiles at any time by going to their profile tab and clicking on an “edit” button.

Our mantra is More Sport | Less Hassle, and with our Importing tools, Korrio has made your job so much easier.