01 – Glossary

  1. CMS – A Content Management System is software for facilitating the maintenance of content, but not design, on a web site.
  2. Posts – blog or article – an online journal, diary, or serial published by a person or group of people. This is time orientated content.
  3. Page – used to present “static” information about yourself or your site. A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. Pages are typically “timeless” in nature and live “outside” your blog.
  4. Widgets – Your ability to set up content on your pages as sections or modules. This makes them easy to manage.
  5. DNS – domain name system
  6. IP address – An IP address is a unique number (e.g. assigned to a computer (or other internet-capable information appliance, such as a network printer) to enable it to communicate with other devices using the Internet Protocol. It is a computer’s identity on the Internet.

02 – Tech Set-Up

First, it’s important to note that your Korrio customer manager is only a phone call or email away! We want to guide you through the technical setup to make this as easy as possible. Once your site is established – entering content is simple. Before we get started, we need you to do some research on the following questions:

  • Identify who has admin rights to your current domain name? (ie or
  • Do you have a DNS service provider? (GoDaddy, UltraDNS, dnsmadeeasy, etc)
  • Can they redirect DNS to our servers?
  • Can you make changes?
  • We DO NOT host your email. We host your web site only. Please verify this will not impact delivery of your mail.
  • Please note that depending on your DNS service provider, IP address changes may take up to 48 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.

04 – Settings

The important topics in Settings related to web hosting are:

  1. You can change your site color template to best match your club’s brand guidelines – do that by choosing a Korrio color theme
  2. You can upload a custom club or team banner to further differentiate your site

*Please note that color & banner settings can only be completed by Korrio administrators.

Banner Specification

  • Width: 942 max
    The header cannot be any wider then 942 px. If it’s wider then 942, we will auto size it down to that width on upload. With that said, it can also be under 942 in width and it will be centered in the space. For example the width can be 500px and it will be centered with white space on the left and right.
  • Height: 200 max
    The height of the header can be anything they want, but as you can image the taller the image the more the content gets pushed down. We suggest that the height be no more the 200px. Something in the range of 120px in height probably looks the best.
View Settings Video


05 – Pages

  1. Click on “Add a Page [+]” on top right bar
  2. Insert page title
  3. Insert page content (please note that when using copy/paste from word, be sure to use word import tool)
  4. If you need to insert media (photos, etc) click on insert media in upper right (you must choose file or upload to media library)
    1. Select where you plan to upload image-from computer, from url or media library.
    2. Choose file – and click UPLOAD.
    3. Click on “Insert into page” button to position on page.
    4. Click “Save all changes”. This is now saved in media library for future.
  5. Parent: Your new page will be saved under this parent section. You may select “No parent) for it to appear on main page.
  6. Status: It will remain draft until you are ready to publish – You are able to toggle between publish and draft.
  7. Click on “Add a Page” to complete and save work (this is equivalent to SAVE).
View Pages Video


06 – Posts

A post is a blog entry or article. Posts display in reverse chronological order on your home page.

  1. To add a new post, click on “Add a new post” in upper right
  2. Insert post title
  3. Insert post body
  4. Add media if needed in upper right (you must choose file or upload to media library)
  5. You are also easily able to add url links by selecting link button
  6. Status: It will remain draft until you are ready to publish
  7. Allow comments? Check this box if you want people to have the opportunity to comment on posts. Admins are able to delete posts if necessary.
  8. Tags: This allows you to put in key words to describe an article so it is optimized for SEO and allows for posts with similar tags.
View Posts Video


07 – Documents

Uploading documents helps you keep everything in one place. These can be policies, procedures, fliers, forms, images, resumes, conduct forms, agendas, etc.

Note: This is not a document tracking system to track changes and versions. It is basically like a simple way to upload files to the server for linking and downloading but not a document management system.

  1. To add a new document, click on “Upload a Document” in upper left
  2. Choose file from location
  3. Click on green “upload” button to complete and save
View Documents Video


09 – Widgets

A widget is a module that allows you to program content in a specific area of your site.

Each section in the sidebar is known as a “Widget” that you can add or remove, and re-arrange by dragging and dropping.


There are two sections for the left sidebar:

  1. Club sidebar
  2. Team/program sidebar

The top section lists the “available widgets” – you simply drag & drop these widgets into the specific sidebar you are working on. If you are importing HTML, we recommend the width of left column widget not exceed 220 pixels wide and the main content area not exceed 600 pixels wide.

Each widget can be formatted and modified easily by clicking on the EDIT image.

An editing window will pop allowing you to enter widget title and copy.

View Widgets Video


10 – Best Practices

  • It’s important to delete old posts that have lapsed. (i.e. event that has passed)
  • Blogs should be current and updated at last 1x -2x per month
  • Keep home page content fresh and current