Team Manager & Coach Help Guide:

  1. Basics
  2. Print Roster
  3. Schedule
  4. Create Event
  5. Alerts & Notifications
  6. Communication

Team Page Basics

As a Team Coach or Team Manager, the most important part of your Personal Homepage is the team you are connected to. On the left hand side of your page you will see all your connections to your team and your club. All of these connections are active links to those team pages. You can then go and click on your Team Home page.

View Basics Video


Under the Team tab you will see a snapshot of all the important details about your team, including the team photo, team “take 5”, the Wall and the Gallery.

“take 5”


The team “take 5” is similar to the Personal “take 5” except it only includes events that are available to the whole team.


Under “Details” you will see important information about your team, including State ID numbers, the number of players on your roster, your team colors, coaches and managers and league information.

Wall and Gallery

We’ve also included a sneak peak of the Wall and Gallery so you know what’s going and who’s saying what at all times.

Team Roster: The Roster tab shows you all the players on your team with their position, jersey number and city/state address information.  The Roster tab also shows all the Parents/Guardians that are linked to the players on the team.  Parent-Parent communication and team coordination has never been easier!

Edit Members: On the roster tab, click on “Edit Members” in the sub menu under tabs. You can easily add jersey numbers and positions. Click “Submit Changes to Current Roster” to save.

Print Roster: On the roster tab, click on “Print Roster” in the sub menu. Here you are able to print your Team rosters in three formats – 1) Game Roster 2) Team Roster and 3) Detailed Roster.

Schedule: Under the Schedule tab you will see sub menu options for List View, Results View, Calendar View, Day View, Create Event, and Export to a Calendar.

Wall: The Wall tab connects you with a communication tool designed for team members to post comments on your Team Home Page.

Gallery: The Gallery tab is where you can “Create an Album” of photos for your team. These are viewable by all team members.

Print Roster

As a Team Coach/Team Manager you have the ability from your Team Roster Page to print out 3 types of rosters: Game Roster, Team Roster and Detailed Roster. Each of these rosters is designed to fulfill different needs.

Game Roster: You can uncheck any team members that will be missing that game, then click print. You will get a nice PDF pre-populated with the game information, location and the appropriate player’s info, with areas for referee notes and signature.

View Print Rosters Video

Print Roster

Team Roster: This is as used an Official Roster with players name, jersey numbers, date of birth and state ID (if applicable).

Detailed Roster: This is a contact sheet with all personnel, players, and parents contact information that you can share with your families.


Starting from your Team Page, click on the Schedule tab. In the sub menu, there are many ways to view your sports calendar.

View Scheduling Video

View Scheduling Video

Coaches and Team Managers can create events for their team or group. They show up on the team or group Schedule, and also on the personal Schedules of all players, parents and personnel for the group. This is viewable by your team only.

List View: Here you can see basic information about the event by mousing over the color coded square events.

Types of events are color coded for your convenience:

  • Home Game (H), green — games scheduled to be played on the home field.  These are viewable by anyone.
  • Away Game (A), blue — games scheduled to be played at other fields.  These are viewable by anyone.
  • Practice (P), orange — Practices are usually held on the home field, and are viewable only by the team. Viewable only by team members.
  • Tournament (T), blue — This designates a tournament game. These are viewable by anyone.
  • Other (O), pink — This is used for other events, such as team parties or fundraisers.

To see full event details, click on “View Event Details”.

Event Details: When you click on “View Event Details” you will see Time and Location Information with Maps, a Current Weather forecast and the option to get Driving Directions.  Driving Directions automatically populates your home address as the start location but you can edit if need be.  You will also see Event Specifics for Uniform, Field and other details.

Results View: Currently under Production. For more details, contact your Korrio Customer Manager.

Calendar View: Here can see your calendar in a traditional monthly calendar. Simply click on the color coded bars to view the event details.

Day View: Shows events for a particular day by hourly schedule.

Export to a Calendar: From any of the calendar views you can choose to export your Korrio calendar to sync up with any of the following: Outlook, iCal, Google, and iPhone.

Create Event

View Create and Manage Events Video

View Create and Manage Events Video

To create a new event for your team:

  1. Click on schedule tab and click on “Create Event” in the sub menu of any of the schedule views.
  2. Select event type: Away Game, Home Game, Tournament, Practice, Other. These events are color coded depending on the type.
  3. NOTE: The Schedule for will automatically populate for your team in their personal calendars!!.
  4. Enter title of the Event
  5. Add Date: Start Time, End Time, Arrival Time
  6. Do you need to cancel, postpone, or delete this event? Here is where you can go back in to the event later on and edit it on your schedule. If you edit the event within 48 hours of the event happening, it will then message out to everyone on your team and change their event details. For more information on Alerts and Notifications, see our “Alerts and Notification Set Up” Help Video.
  7. Recurring: If your event is recurring, here is where you can select how often it will occur.
  8. Address: Enter the location of the event. Once you enter the Address, it will always be there to choose from in the future.
  9. Field Type: Grass, Turf, N/A
  10. Opponent: Enter your Opponent’s Team Name
  11. Event Description – note anything that may help team or parents.
  12. You can add Coach or Manager notes pre or post game (i.e. recaps, reminders, game tips, links, etc) This serves as a great historical record.
  13. Add Volunteer Assignments.
  14. Add Uniform Colors if applicable.
  15. Save changes when complete.

Edit Event Details – To edit, cancel, postpone or delete an event:

  1. Click on event itself and go to event details
  2. If you wish to edit, then click on EDIT EVENT on sub nav
  3. NOTE: The ability to edit and event is reserved for club or team personnel only.
  4. - Make any desired changes.
  5. If you want to cancel, postpone or delete the event, click the link and follow the instructions.
  6. A Canceled event remains on attendees’ schedules as “Canceled.”
  7. A Postponed event remains on schedules as “Postponed.”  You may want to use this if the future date is uncertain.
  8. Deleting an event removes it from all schedules.
  9. When you’re finished, click Save Changes (or Cancel Changes).

NOTE: If make an event changes within 24 hours of event, you are able to send URGENT update message to members of that team or club.

Alerts & Notifications

As a Team Manager or Coach it is important to have all your players go into their Profiles and set up their Alerts and Notifications. This will enable easy communication within the team.

View Alerts and Notifications Video

View Alerts and Notifications Video

  1. Have your players go to their PROFILE tab.  
  2. Under their Name they will click “Edit Alerts and Notifications”.
  3. From here, each Korrio user will be able to select how they would like to be notified if there are any last minute changes to the schedule.
    1. Urgent Messages: You can click this box if you choose to be alerted when an urgent message comes into your Korrio inbox. You can then select which phone number you would like the alert to go to.
    2. Text Message: You can click this box if you choose to be alerted via text message to your phone. Again, you can choose which phone you would like this alert to be sent to.
    3. Email: These two boxes can be clicked if you choose to receive an Email when a member posts on their wall of they get a new message.
  4. If your parents DO NOT set their Alerts and Notifications they will only see these changes or messages if they are in their Korrio account.


As a Team Manager or Coach it is your job to keep everyone informed about the team. In order to do so you can use the following ways to communicate with your families:

View Communications Video

View Communications Video

  1. Wall: Your team wall is a communication tool where you can post comments, pre or post game recaps, a quick message or share wins about your team for the entire club to see.

  1. Korrio Messaging System: In order to send out a team message you will need to be in your personal Korrio page or you can click “Messages” at the top of your page.

From there you have three options: Inbox (default), Sent Messages and Compose.

  1. Inbox

2. Sent Messages

3. Compose:

If you want to send out a message to a single person just type in their name. You can also chose to send to your entire team or just a subset of the team, like the team personnel or parents.

  1. You can mark Messages as Urgent which will make the message pop up right after that person logs into their account
  2. You have the option to attach a file.
  3. Once you have entered the entire information just click Send Message to complete your Message.