Playflow User Guide


Your role as a team manager, coach, parent or player defines Korrio’s customer facing technology. We want to make your life easier by automating things that get in the way. We have integrated and simplified important activities like registration, scheduling, communication, profile data and off-the-field community.

Korrio understands how important these functions are and we have built our integrated system to make things intuitive and easy. To ensure a smooth transition, we have provided a user guide for the most important functions that you will perform within Korrio.

Important terms to note:

  • The term “Members” refers to people who are in your club and includes players, coaches, team managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  • The term “Programs” refers to a season sign-up, clinic or tournament available to you.

We are here to help, so be sure to reach out to us if you need assistance.