Galleries are where you can post photos for other people to see.  Every person and team in Korrio has a Gallery.

Who Can Add to Galleries

Anyone can post photos to his or her own Gallery.

Only team personnel can post to the team Gallery.  Coaches and Managers can do this by default, but they can also give rights to other people to manage the team Gallery — for instance, a parent can be made Team Photographer.  To do this:

  • The Coach or Manager should go to Roster and add that person as new team personnel.
  • To just give Gallery and Wall rights, choose type “Other”.
  • Give the person a title such as “Team Photographer” (you can make it whatever you want — entering this is optional).  If provided, that title will show on the person’s player card.


To start adding pictures, first you need to create an Album.  Click on Create an Album (just under the tabs) and follow the instructions.

  • Enter a title and a description (if you like).  You can choose to make the album visible to anyone, or just the team.
  • Choose a file from your computer (up to 4MB in size) and click Upload and Save.  This will kick off the uploading.  When it’s done you’ll see a thumbnail of the photo and you can give it a name (the default is the original filename), and a caption.  You can also choose to make that picture the album cover.
  • To add more pictures to the album, go back to the album and click “Add More” in the navigation above.  You can add as many pictures as you like, in the same way as before.
  • From the Album page, you can also Edit Album Information (to change the name, the privacy, etc.) and you can remove individual pictures using the “Remove” button.
  • You can also delete entire albums by going to the main Gallery page and clicking “Delete” under the album you want to remove.