Getting Started

Here are a few things you’ll want to do when first starting out in Playflow:

Check your Messages
You’ll find a welcome message here, and very likely messages from your coach or manager about the upcoming schedule.

Add a Profile Picture
Pick a great picture of yourself to add to your Profile!  This picture will show for you throughout the site, and you can change it anytime.  You can also add more info about yourself in your Profile — school, favorite team, and more.

Set up Notifications
If you want messages and alerts forwarded to your email or phone, you can do that by going to Profile, then Edit Alerts and Notifications.

Add some pictures
Got any good shots of recent games?  Or just you & your sports friends hanging out?  There’s room on your home page for three pictures, so you should add at least three to your Gallery!

Post to your own Wall
Don’t be shy, we know you’ve got something cool to say!  Start your Wall off right by posting something yourself — at least say hi to everyone!

Check out your Schedule
Don’t forget this!  It’s where you need to go to find out what’s coming up for your team.

You may also want to check out your team’s homepage and wall, and those of your friends.  Dig in and have fun!