Here you can send private messages to other Korrio members.  You can also message whole groups such as your team, or just the team parents, players, or personnel.


This shows messages that have come in for you.  Unread messages are shown in bold, and the envelope is closed and green.  Messages that have been read are shown in plain text with a white, open envelope to show they’ve been opened.  Important messages have an exclamation point (!).

The original message and any replies show in the same thread.  You may notice that the subject changes to include “Re:” if someone has replied to the message.

You can perform actions on multiple message threads at once, such as Mark as Read, Mark as Unread or Delete.  To do these for specific messages, check the box at the left for each message and then choose the action at the top.  To do it for a group of messages, you can use the “Select:” dropdown to choose All, Read or Unread messages, then click the action you want.

Sent Messages

Here you can see messages that you have sent to others, including replies you’ve sent on message threads.

You can choose to delete these messages by using the selection dropdown, or selecting individual messages, and choose “Delete Selected”.

Compose Message

To write a new message, click Compose.

  • Start typing the name of the person or group you want to send to in the “Send To” field.  You will see suggestions as you type.  If you enter a team name, you’ll see suggestions for Players, Parents and Personnel for that team, in case you want to send to one of those subsets of the team.  Click on the suggestion to add it, and you’ll see it is added to the right.  You can then add more recipients or groups the same way.
  • Enter a subject.
  • You can choose to mark the message Urgent, which will make the message show as Important and send an alert to recipients.  If they’ve chosen to receive alerts via phone or text, they’ll be alerted that way.
  • Type in your message in the large text field, and click Send Message.

Tip! If you type in a team or group (as it’s named in Korrio), it will become a clickable link when the message is sent.  Try it out!