This is where you, your family and your team can keep track of events. Every team has a Schedule.  You also have a personal Schedule that includes all the team events, as well as your kids’ events (if you’re a parent or other guardian) and any personal events you’ve created.


  • List View shows a list of all events on the schedule.  This way you can see all events without having to page forward to see future events.
  • Calendar View shows the schedule in a calendar format.  You can mouse over events to see basic info for the event, and click on “View Event Details” to go the the full details page (with coach’s notes, driving directions, etc.).  Click on any date to see the Day View for that day.
  • Day View shows events for a particular day.  This can be very handy if you and your family have a lot going on that day.  Here, too, you can mouse over an event to get the basic details, and click on “View Event Details” to see the full details for the event.


There are different types of events:

  • Home Game (H) — games played on the home field.  These are viewable by anyone.
  • Away Game (A) — games played at other fields.  These too are viewable by anyone.
  • Practice (P) — Practices are usually held on the home field, and are viewable only by the team.
  • Tournament (T) — This designates a tournament game.
  • Other (O) — This is used for other events, such as team parties or fundraisers.

Coaches, Managers and Admins can create events for their team or group. They show up on the team or group Schedule, and also on the personal Schedules of all players, parents and personnel for the group.

You can also have events just for yourself or your child by creating an event on that person’s calendar.  These are only visible to you and your family.  To do this, choose “Personal Schedule for…” the calendar you want.

Create an Event

To create an event:

  • From the Schedule tab, choose “Create Event” (just below the tabs).
  • Choose the event type and the group or personal schedule it should apply to.
  • Enter a title for the event.  You may choose to make an event private to the team, which means only the team can see it.
  • Enter the date, start and end times.  You may want to enter an arrival time if you want people to arrive early.  Arrival times cannot be later than start times.
  • If you want to schedule a recurring event, make your choice in the dropdown.  You can make it recur on any days of the week using the checkboxes.
    • Note:  Events created this way behave just like single events once they’re created.  To change or delete instances of the event, you need to go to each one and make the change.  Right now we don’t support changing multiple events at one time.
  • Enter the address for the event.  If an address has been used before, you may see suggestions for completing the address.
  • Enter the field type (if no field, N/A).
  • Enter the opponent, and if you like, a description of the event.
  • You can add Coach’s or Manager’s notes by clicking the link.
  • You can enter volunteer assignments if desired, and uniform colors as applicable.
  • Save Changes or Cancel Changes (this discards the changes just made).

Edit Event Details

To edit, cancel, postpone or delete an event:

  • Go to the event’s page, and choose Edit Event Details (just below the tabs).
  • Make any desired changes.
  • If you want to cancel, postpone or delete the event, click the link and follow the instructions.
    • A Canceled event remains on attendees’ schedules as “Canceled.”
    • A Postponed event remains on schedules as “Postponed.”  You may want to use this if the future date is uncertain.
    • Deleting an event removes it from all schedules.
  • When you’re finished, click Save Changes (or Cancel Changes).

Export to a Calendar

You can have your Korrio events push to your Outlook, Google, iCal, or iPhone calendar.  To do this, click the “Export to a Calendar” link (under the tabs) and follow the instructions for your calendar or device.


Weather forecasts will show automatically for an event if a zip code is been entered as part of the address.  If no zip is entered, the forecast shows as unavailable.  If the event is more than three days in the future, typical weather will be shown rather than a forecast.

Driving Directions

To view driving directions, click on the button in Event Details.

If you’ve entered your home address, the starting address will default to your home address.  If not, it will be left blank.

You can enter or change the start and end addresses and click Recalculate Route to see a new route.  You can also click and drag within the map to move it.

Uniform Colors

Uniform colors can be specified for each game or event.

The color choices (for light, dark and other) are set at the club level.  If you need help setting your team colors, contact your club admin or Korrio staff (using the Feedback link at the bottom of any page).