01 – Glossary

  1. Group Mail – ability to email a single person, team or club through the Korrio platform, including attachments. This email distribution is defined by pulling a report.
  2. Korrio Messaging – internal private messaging system that is only available to Korrio members. You must login to Korrio to receive these messages unless you have specified it to go to your phone or via text/SMS message or email.
  3. Wall – The Wall is a space on each members dashboard that allows teammate friends to post messages for the user to see while displaying the time and date the message was written. Korrio offers a personal wall (private) and a team wall for all to enjoy.

02 – Korrio Messaging

We understand how critical communication is to the overall team experience, so Korrio’s messaging system allows you to easily communicate with team parents, players, coaches and volunteers, either individually, or by each sub group without you having to create or maintain email distribution lists.


This is the default landing page within MY MESSAGES, where you can view all of your messages.

Unread messages are shown in bold, and the envelope is closed and green. Messages that have been read are shown in plain text with a white, open envelope to show they’ve been opened. Important messages have an exclamation point (!).

The original message and any replies show in the same thread. You may notice that the subject changes to include “Re:” if someone has replied to the message.

You can perform actions on multiple message threads at once, such as Mark as Read, Mark as Unread or Delete. To do these for specific messages, check the box at the left for each message and then choose the action at the top. To do it for a group of messages, you can use the “Select:” dropdown to choose All, Read or Unread messages, then click the action you want.

Sent Messages

Here you can see messages that you have sent to others, including replies you’ve sent on message threads.

You can choose to delete these messages by using the selection dropdown, or selecting individual messages, and choose “Delete Selected”.

Compose Message

There are 2 ways to use Korrio messaging:

  • By clicking on “send xxxx a message” in the left column of your dashboard
  • By clicking on COMPOSE in the sub menu

The “send to” field auto-completes when you begin typing to save time. Your team or club is automatically broken down into subsets (i.e. entire team, only players, only parents, etc)

Click on the suggestion to add it, and you’ll see it is added in a green box under SEND TO field. You can then add more recipients or groups the same way.

*NOTE: You can attach a file to this message (word doc, excel spreadsheet, pdf, etc) by following standard upload process. Click on CHOOSE FILE and attach.

  1. Enter a subject
  2. Write your message (you are able to bold, italic, etc) *We suggest you use word import tool to copy text
  3. Click on green button SEND MESSAGE

*NOTE: You may mark these messages as URGENT so they appear on popup screen after login for the member you sent this message to. If they’ve chosen to receive alerts via phone or text, they’ll be alerted that way.

To write a new message, click Compose

*NOTE: that everyone on your list sees the distribution list of message.

03 – Personal/Team Wall

Every person & team on Korrio has a wall. Walls are places to post things that other people will see (as opposed to messages, which are private between you and recipient).

You and anyone on your team can see & post to each others walls, or to the team wall. You can write something new, or comment on things other people have written.

You can delete any posts or comments anyone’s made to your own wall, or any posts or comments you’ve made on another wall. Coaches and Managers can delete anything posted to the team wall. Just click the Delete link next to the post or comment to remove it.

At Korrio, we encourage healthy community interaction but do not monitor walls for content. If you find anything objectionable, talk to the poster, the owner, or team personnel. The owner of the wall can easily remove any post or comment.

  1. Simply click on MY WALL tab in personal dashboard, or go to team page and click on WALL tab
  2. Enter your post into the “say something” field
  3. Click on SHARE
  4. Done

04 – Group Mail

This feature is designed for Team and Club administrators only. Group mail allows administrators to communicate from a real-time database via email. Simply run a report and email directly to that set of members. The Korrio platform allows you to send a test message.

  1. Go to organization, club or team page
  2. Click on REPORTS TAB
  3. Run report to select person or group you want to mail to
  4. Click on EMAIL FROM REPORT button
  5. Complete email fields
  6. Click on SEND MESSAGE (Note: you are able to send a TEST MESSAGE if needed)