Korrio Dashboard

Watch this to learn how your dashboard works

Watch this to learn how your dashboard works

01 – Glossary

  1. Members – refers to people who are in your Club and includes Players, Coaches, Team Managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  2. Programs – refers to a season sign-up, clinic or tournament available to you.
  3. Team/Group – refers to the team or group you are registered on.
  4. Club Admin – refers to Club Personnel like a Registrar, Treasurer, Executive Director, Board Member, etc. Club Admins have special viewing privileges in Korrio.

02 – What Is My Korrio Dashboard?

When you Login to your Korrio account your Dashboard is the first thing on display. Through your Korrio Dashboard you see everything that is important in your sporting life. The Korrio Dashboard previews your “take 5” – the next 5 events in your sports life, displays new alerts, messages and wall posts, and grants easy access to gallery photos and links to your team and club. Everything you need in one place!

Tip – you can get to your Korrio Dashboard by clicking the My Home tab on your profile.

03 – Member Card

Every Korrio user has a unique Member Card that reflects their role in the Korrio community. Next to their Profile picture they receive badges that show their role- a soccer ball reflects a Player, “M” for a Team Manager, “C” for a Team Coach, and a star for Club Admin.

05 – My Home

There are 6 tabs on the top of your page under your Club logo. The My Home tab provides a snapshot of the following 5 tabs- My Schedule, My Wall, My Profile and My Messages. You will see your “take 5″, or the next 5 events in My Schedule, Important messages, a preview of your Inbox, new Wall Posts and Albums in your photo Gallery.

06 – “Take 5″

The “take 5″ is the highlight of your Korrio Dashboard as it previews the next 5 events in your sports life- everything you need to know and everywhere you need to go!

Key features of your “take 5″:

  • Events in your schedule are color coded for ease on the eyes, like orange for practice, green for home game and blue for away games. You can also enter an event as “Other” under the color pink such as personal event or an event for the Team.  Tournament games are shown in blue.
  • Shows Event Details:
    • Date, Time, Location
    • Current weather including handy tips for what to wear in the case of extreme or inclement weather.
    • Links to Full Schedule and Event Details

07 – My Schedule

This is where you, your family and your Team can keep track of events. When you create an event it automatically flows into the Dashboards of the person or group it is for. Parents can create events for themselves and their kids and Team Managers or Coaches can create events for the Team. The best part? An event you’ve created or changed from your Personal Dashboard will populate in the Dashboard of the individuals or group it is for – to your kids, on your Team Page, and to all your team members. Integration at its finest.

Calendar Views

We’ve created multiple ways to view your schedule so that you can conveniently manage your events:

  1. List View shows a list of all events on the schedule.
  2. Calendar View shows the schedule in a calendar format. You can mouse over events to see basic info for the event, and click on “View Event Details” to go the full details page (with coach’s notes, driving directions, etc.).
  3. Day View shows events for a particular day. This can be very handy if you and your family have a lot going on that day.

Event Types

There are different types of events that are colored-coded to make them easily distinguishable:

  • Home Game (H) — Green, viewable by anyone
  • Away Game (A) — Blue, viewable by anyone
  • Practice (P) — Orange, viewable only by the team
  • Tournament (T) — Blue, designates a tournament game, viewable by anyone.
  • Other (O) — Pink, used for other events such as team parties or fundraisers or for your personal schedule.

Creating Events

Who can create an event?

  1. Coaches and Managers can create events for their Team or Group. These flow automatically into the Dashboards of every member in the group.
  2. Parents can add events for themselves or their children by creating an event on that person’s calendar. These are only visible to you and your family. To do this, choose “Personal Schedule for…” the calendar you want.
  3. For more information on creating events, please see the New to Korrio- Scheduling Guide.

Export to Calendar

You also have the option to Export your Schedule to a Calendar, which will send your events to an Outlook, iCal, Google or iPhone Calendar. We pride ourselves in giving you all the tools necessary to manage your schedule. To do this, click the “Export to a Calendar” link (under the tabs) and follow the instructions for your calendar or device.

Driving Directions

  1. To view Driving directions, click on the “Event Details” button that you’ll find by hovering over the event in both List and Calendar view.
  2. If you’ve entered your home address in your Profile, the starting address will default to your home address. If not, it will be left blank.
  3. You can enter or change the start and end addresses and click Recalculate Route to see a new route. You can also click and drag within the map to move it.


Weather forecasts will show automatically for an event if a zip code has been entered as part of the field location address. If no zip is entered, the forecast shows as unavailable. If the event is more than three days in the future, typical weather will be shown rather than a forecast.

Event Specifics:

Under Event Specifics you will see details on specified uniform colors, field surface, opponent information, suggestions from the Coach or Manager and Volunteer Assignments.

08 – My Wall

Every person, Team and Club account within Korrio has a Wall. Walls are places to post things that other people will see (as opposed to messages, which are private between you and whoever you send it to).

  1. You and anyone on your Team can see & post on the Team Wall. You can write something new or comment on things other people have written.
  2. At Korrio, we encourage healthy community interaction but do not monitor walls for content. If you find anything objectionable, talk to the poster or team personnel.
  3. To delete a post or comment, just click the Delete link next to the post or comment to remove it.
    1. Coaches and Managers can delete anything posted to the Team wall.
    2. An individual can delete any posts or comments anyone’s made to their personal Wall.

09 – My Profile

This is your personal Profile, where you can share information about yourself with others on your Team. It’s also where the Club stores information required for athletes to play.

  1. Viewing Privileges
    1. Your Profile information is only viewable by those on your Team and your children. You can enter as little or as much information as you like, and change it anytime.
    2. Medical and insurance information are only available to Team and Club personnel, for use in case of emergency. These are not viewable by anyone else.
    3. Please view our Korrio Privacy page for more information on how our privacy works.
  2. Profile Information
    To edit any section in your profile, click the button in the section header that says “Edit Section”. You can enter as much or as little as you like. Note that if you want to receive email or phone notifications, you need to enter an email address or phone number.
  3. Profile Photo
    To add or change your Profile photo, choose Edit Photo in this section and follow the instructions. First you’ll choose and upload a file from your hard drive (4MB maximum), and then you’ll be able to crop it and save it to your profile. You can change pictures anytime.
  4. Change Password
    Under your name you will see a “Change Password” link. Enter the password into both fields and click SAVE CHANGES. Tip: Your password should be at least 8 characters long and include both letters and numbers.
  5. Alerts and Notifications
    If you want messages and alerts forwarded to you via text, email or phone, you can do that under Edit Alerts and Notifications. Since communication is so important, you should configure your ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS to receive email & text alerts for last minute changes and urgent messages.

Under GALLERY you will see the Album you have created.  You can choose UPLOAD to add more photos or EDIT to make changes to the Album.

  • Edit Album Information

This is the landing page when you click on EDIT from the main Album page.  Here you can change the name of the album, the description and the privacy.

  • Organize

If you’d like to rearrange the order that your photos are shown in your Album, click ORGANIZE.  Click and drag pictures to rearrange them in the album. When you’re finished, click SAVE.

  • Edit

Here you can edit photo information for pictures you’ve already uploaded- rename them, add a caption or choose to make the photo the album cover.

  • Add More

You can add more photos to your Album by clicking UPLOAD under your desired Album or by selecting EDIT and choosing “Add More” in the Album sub-navigation.  You can add as many pictures as you like, in the same way as before.

  • Delete Album

You can also delete entire albums by going to the main Gallery page and clicking DELETE under the album you want to remove.  Don’t worry, we’ll ask you to confirm this choice.

3. View/Review Album

Under Gallery click on the album name to view the album.

  • Remove Individual Photos

Here you can remove individual photos by clicking REMOVE under the photo.

  • Thumb through photos

Click on the photo (or it’s caption above) to open a large view of the photo.  The arrows at the top will help you navigate through the album- you can go to back to the previous photo or skip to the next.

11 – Messages

Here you can send private messages to other Korrio members. You can also message whole groups such as your Club Admins or a Team. You can even message groups within a team, such as Coaches, Managers, Parents or Players.


  1. This shows messages that have come in for you. Unread messages are shown in bold, and the envelope is closed and green. Messages that have been read are shown in plain text with a white, open envelope to show they’ve been opened. Important messages have an exclamation point (!).
  2. The original message and any replies show in the same thread. You may notice that the subject changes to include “Re” if someone has replied to the message.
  3. You can perform actions on multiple message threads at once, such as Mark as Read, Mark as Unread or Delete. To do these for specific messages, check the box at the left for each message and then choose the action at the top. To do it for a group of messages, you can use the “Select:” dropdown to choose All, Read or Unread messages, then click the action you want.

Sent Messages

Here you can see messages that you have sent to others, including replies you’ve sent on message threads. You can choose to delete these messages by using the selection dropdown, or selecting individual messages, and choose “Delete Selected”.

Compose Message

There are 2 ways to use Korrio messaging:

  1. By using the quick links on your Personal or Team left hand navigation.  From your personal dashboard you can message to individuals (“Send xxxx a Message”) and from your Team Page you can message your team members (“Message Team”).
  2. By clicking on COMPOSE in the sub menu of Messages

The “send to” field auto-completes when you begin typing to save time. Your team or club is automatically broken down into subsets (i.e. entire team, only players, only parents, etc) or you can use the “Send to Teams” drop down to select your subset.

Click on the suggestion to add it, and you’ll see it is added in a green box under SEND TO field. You can then add more recipients or groups the same way.

*NOTE: You can attach a file to this message (word doc, excel spreadsheet, pdf, etc) by following standard upload process. Click on CHOOSE FILE and attach.

  1. Enter a subject
  2. Write your message (you are able to bold, italic, etc) *We suggest you use word import tool to copy text
  3. Click on green button SEND MESSAGE

*NOTE: You may mark these messages as URGENT so they appear on popup screen after login for the member you sent this message to. If they’ve chosen to receive alerts via phone or text, they’ll be alerted that way.

*NOTE: everyone on your list sees the distribution list that your message was sent to